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Angelicious Creations™

100% handmade accessories.
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Angelicious Creations is the place where magic comes alive, where all things dreamt of are made real- from clay lentils to wired art, from pendants to suncatchers; all started as dreams within the mind of the designer, only to be put into reality with her crafty hands and creative mind, using only the finest materials available: 14k gold-plated/14/24k gold-filled parts, rhodium/925 silver parts, gemstones, and carefully selected charms of all styles scouted from all around the world.

What defines the pieces of pure art are the delicately handmade pieces ranging from clay lentils/pillows, pendants and wire-working that give character and life to each and every single precisely-made piece.

Signature pieces include the suncatcher, and the many-ways-to-wear necklaces that have many a time been a hot favourite for anything from a night’s out to a formal dinner.

Here at Angelicious Creations®, we hope to make your dreams come true.

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